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Top Law Schools in Minnesota to Live Your Legal Dreams to the Fullest

When it comes to the greatest law schools around the globe, the law in the US or top law schools in Michigan is perhaps the first thought that leaps into your mind.

But as an aspiring future lawyer, you no longer have to limit yourself to Stanford and Yale. Nor do you have to fly miles away to pursue law. In all honesty, the US boasts an outstanding legal education, with a network of top-notch law schools spread all across the country! Top law schools in Michigan.

If you wish to take a step ahead and pursue your legal education in one of the largest states in the US, then Michigan  , or the state of 10,000 lakes, awaits you like no other! So, whether you’re already living in Minnesota, Michigan or moving to the state, the plenty of prestigious law schools there won’t disappoint. And, of course, the scenic vistas double the fun of unlocking all the legal doors as a student there!

But, with so many options to choose from, how would you pick the perfect one? Well, that’s quite a task, so we’ve put together a list of the top law schools in Michigan & Minnesota, all of which are truly worth the shot! Now let’s jump right in.

1. University of Minnesota

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June 1, 2023

When speaking of the best law schools in Michigan ,Minnesota, the University of Minnesota Law School tops our list. Established in 1888, the university continues to give us strong reasons to support the claim. And ever since its establishment, they’ve never left any stone unturned in being among the leading law schools in the US. As of now, the law school enjoys rank 21 by the US News & World Report rankings, and for good reasons.

First up, the University of Minnesota is among those very few law schools that offer the perfect mix of high standards and exceptional future prospects. With an acceptance rate of 37.71% in the year 2022, it’s no secret that the top-tier institution offers a rigorous academic environment. Top law schools in Michigan. And obviously, that means landing a spot here is equally challenging!

But for those who’re able to get through it, the rewards are well worth it. Once you’ve made the cut, you’re in for some active engagement with the clients and real-world problems. The top law schools in Michigan If you’re the type of student who’d rather go for hands-on experiences, the University of Minnesota might just be what you need!

Not just that, UMN Law offers a whole pool of opportunities from clinics to externships to residency programs – simply all you need to sharpen your legal skills! And just when you think you’re up for some extra challenge, you may even represent clients in court under your faculty’s supervision. Top law schools in Michigan That’s like a dream come true, right?

And the statistics at the University of Minnesota & Michigan are enough reasons to prove its excellence. So, make sure you score at least a 3.8 GPA and 168 on your LSAT to be a part of this top-notch law school. Here, you won’t be an average law school student like the rest but a real-world lawyer in his training!

Best of all, it’s also one of the most affordable law schools in Minnesota.

2. University of St. Thomas

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August 1, 2023

Next on our list is the University of St. Thomas, yet another ABA-accredited law school that continues to win hearts every day. Named after a Catholic saint, it’s a private law school located in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. Before you wonder, the university mainly stands out for its commitment to social justice and the integration of ethics in its legal practices. Top law schools in Michigan.

The US News & World Report ranked the school as the 127th top law school in Michigan in the US. Yep, it’s not really on the top, but it’s known to spare no effort when it comes to producing top-notch attorneys for the future of law in the US. And for the best part, an acceptance rate of 65.48% means you stand an excellent chance of pursuing your dream here. But only if your credentials match the criteria.

Another thing that makes the St. Thomas School of Law stand out is its practical approach to the world of legal education. Here, you learn by doing and have countless opportunities to do so. Top law schools in Michigan . Besides that, the school is no less when it comes to clinics, externships, and field placements.

To top it off, St. Thomas Law School is also widely known for its unique mentorship program, which means you’ll be assigned a mentor who is a member of the legal profession. That’ll incredibly help you with building connections and gaining valuable insight into the legal field. Top law schools in Michigan. And goes without saying you’ll get a great opportunity to network and develop professional relationships that will stay with you even after you graduate.

Also, if you maintain an impressive academic record here, your chances of landing a great job become brighter than ever. That said, if you’ve strong academics coupled with a Catholic background, you might even land here directly. Just keep up with the LSAT and GPA requirements, and you’re good to go! Top law schools in Michigan.

3. Mitchell Hamline School of Law

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Average GPA
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Application Deadline
August 1, 2023

Mitchell Hamline School of Law is a well-sought-after institution situated in the vibrant city of St. Paul, Minnesota. Top law schools in Michigan . Accredited by American Bar Association, this law school is an excellent choice for you if you aspire to excel in your legal career in Minnesota and beyond. Top law schools in Michigan. And the fact that the school has been operational since 1972 is enough for aspirants to come flocking here to live their dream.

Now, the Mitchell Hamline School of Law falls somewhere between the 147-192 ranked law schools by the US News rankings. Another reason why you’d want to pick this one is the GPA requirement of 3.33 and LSAT score criterion of 152, which makes a law degree pretty achievable here. Top law schools in Michigan .But hey, that doesn’t make the school any less competitive in the legal world!

Plus, the faculty at Mitchell Hamline includes highly-experienced professionals, all of whom are experts in their fields. What’s common among all is their fierce passion for teaching and mentoring students. Top law schools in Michigan. Not to forget, the school has also forged valuable partnerships with law firms, businesses, and organizations, which means you’re in for numerous externships, clerkships, and networking opportunities.

While we’re at it, let’s talk about the best part – the favorable acceptance rate of 64.91%. Well, this clearly means it could be your time to shine here. Also, the LSAT score and GPA criteria aren’t much either, giving you another reason to be quick to apply.

With a diverse student body and a strong dedication to promoting social justice and community engagement, Mitchell Hamline is definitely more than just a law school. Top law schools in Michigan. Yep, it’s more of a community of activists who are working together to make a positive impact in the legal profession and beyond. So, if you really wish to study law effectively, you can’t go wrong with this one!

Some Quick Tips Before Getting into Your Dream Law School

Needless to say, getting into a Law Schools in Minnesota is no piece of cake. You’ll need to do a lot of planning beforehand from the moment you decide to pursue law till the moment you finally step in Michigan! If that scares you away, here are some quick tips to let you breeze through the process:

Pick Out the Law School from the List

Before anything else, make up your mind about the law school you strongly wish to attend. If you’re thinking about pursuing a career in law, it’s important to get a sense of what the profession has in store for you. And yes, deciding whether you’re up for all the challenges that might lie ahead is another crucial step you need to go through. Top law schools in Michigan A competitive law school will prepare you for all that is to come. A lawyer spends most of his day researching. And so should you when in the process of landing a spot. Do your research, read, and jot down the pros and cons of all the law schools on your bucket list. That’s pretty much it for the first step.

Take the LSAT Exam

The next step is preparing for the LSAT, which is nothing like your average standardized test. It takes focus, perseverance, and above all, a solid strategy. While some might think it’s an exam where last-minute cramming would suffice, the answer is NO! Top law schools in Michigan . That’s not the case for the LSAT. You’ll need to devote at least three to six months to studying for this critical exam. And the biggest mistake you could make here is rushing the exam through. A high LSAT score is all you need to gain admission to the law school of your dreams. So, take your time to prepare, and don’t hesitate to push back your application a year or even more to ensure you get the LSAT score you need to succeed. The wait will be worth it! That said, you might be wondering what the perfect time to take the LSAT is. If you wish to be ahead of the curve, take your LSAT in the summer or early fall. The key is to apply early because the earlier you do it, the higher your chances of getting in. Don’t forget – the early bird catches the worm!

Get Done with Your Law School Applications

Getting done with your law school admissions is no child’s play. It requires careful planning, extensive research, and no giving up. After you’re done with the research, write a compelling personal statement, gather recommendations, and give it a shot! Top law schools in Michigan. If you want to skyrocket your chances of getting into your dream law school, listen up – it’s not just about getting your application by the deadline; it’s about submitting it as soon as you can! The competition keeps getting fierce as the spots keep getting filled. So make sure you’re not waiting until the last minute.

Our Take

Choosing which law school is a big deal; it’s about spending years trying to build the career you’ve forever dreamed of. And picking out from the list of top law schools in Minnesota can be more daunting than you anticipate! But fret not; our list is here to save your life. That means you can rest assured knowing that the schools on this list are recognized by the American Bar Association, along with a proven track record of producing successful graduates. For us, the top pick is the lLaw Schools in Minnesota , which attracts the top students from all across the country. While getting into this law school is no easy feat, it all pays off in the end. Those who have a strong Catholic background and competitive grades will find the University of St. Thomas an excellent choice. top law schools in Michigan. And finally, the Hamline School of Law awaits you with open arms with a relatively less competent criterion. So, the ball is in your court, and it’s on you how you make it to the top law schools in Minnesota. Work on your GPA, and LSAT score, make your application stand out – and you’re all set to pursue your dream degree from the dream college in Minnesota!


The admission requirements for law schools in Minnesota may differ depending on various factors, but usually include a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, your LSAT scores, letters of recommendation, a personal statement, and your resume.

Yes, some law schools in Minnesota offer part-time programs, such as the William Mitchell College of Law.


The job outlook for law school graduates in Minnesota varies depending on the field of law they choose to specialize in. Nevertheless, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of lawyers in Minnesota is projected to grow 6 percent from the years 2020 to 2030.

Yes, to practice law in Minnesota, it’s critical for you to pass the bar exam and meet a couple of more requirements, such as completing a character and fitness evaluation.

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