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More About Ali Unar
I’m Ali Unar, CEO and Founder of Access Prep.
Born and raised in a small village in Pakistan, I was first in my family to go to college. My life would look very different today if I didn’t have parents who cared so much about my education. My mother would push me to study under the candlelight in the sweltering heat ofsummer. She knew that was the only way I could break the socioeconomic barriers and live a good life away from farms.
She wasn’t wrong.
Years later, I was accepted by UCLA as a Physics major. Now, I’m attending Georgetown Law with a merit scholarship. But when I was applying to law schools, I was on my own. None of my college courses had prepared me for the LSAT.
For thousands of students, the critical thinking and reading skills tested by the LSAT are uniquely hard to learn through self-study. Just like many of you, my first impulse was to sign up for the most highly-rated course available in the market. I attended all the live classes and did all the homework, but I still did not see any improvement. Something was missing. I went to study all the LSAT courses available on the market, and I realized that each had a weakness. That’s when I decided to create the perfect LSAT course that avoids all of those weaknesses.
It took me 4 years to come up with my techniques. Today, my methods have helped hundreds of students get their dream LSAT scores. 87% of them improved 11 or more points, and 26% improved 17 points or more. And most of these gains happened in less than a month.
How? We teach our students to master the LSAT in the simplest and most direct terms—the way things will be in law school. Most LSAT programs follow an effective formula. They throw thousands of practice questions at you, hoping something sticks.  We use scientifically-backed teaching methods to make sure you perform best on your test day. Our drills are based on the results of hundreds of one-on-one sessions with students.
We know what works—and that’s what we focus on, not mindless drills and repetition. The result is simple. You get your dream score in the shortest possible time.
At Access Prep, we have one goal: remove barriers to mastering the LSAT with a test preparation program that is centered around our students’ individual needs.
My name is Ali Unar and I look forward to working with you.