Unprecedented Score Increases & Admissions Results

Kelsey Henderson


Kelsey Henderson improved from 154 to 167 in 2 weeks

I was getting 50% wrong in reading comprehension, and I really gained a strategy for approaching reading comprehension, and by the end I was getting like a -4 to -5 in reading comprehension each time.

I approached Ali when I was scoring 155, and very quickly into the course, like the second week of the month, I was able to score 167, and then one time I scored 176. I would like to say that, beyond the increase in score, Ali’s services made me feel like I had a strategy.

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Alex Andrikian improved from 135 to 160 3 weeks

I had previously used Test Masters’ online course, but I realized that I needed to understand everything on another level that would not only teach the fundamentals but also create this passion and drive for the LSAT, which Ali did. Due to Ali’s course, I realized that the things that were overcomplicated for me from previous Test Masters and so on became so much more understandable and concise. Ali’s course kind of just put everything into perspective. After the course, I was able to go from early scores in the high 130s to high 150s. Improving by around 20 points in less than a month.

Ali’s support transforms the journey and makes it a lot more enjoyable. Instead of being in a vicious cycle of being worried and being frustrated, having an individual such as yourself allows them to grow and expand. It is valuable and I really appreciate it.

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Lilian Doston improved from 149 to 160 in 2 weeks

I reached out to Ali in desperation because I felt stuck. I had been studying for 6 to 8 months
when I tried to contact him, and I had used the books, LSAT Trainer, and some material from
different tutors from different LSAT Facebook pages.
I started with a diagnostic 144 and once I started to use his material, my testing got up to 160.

The way he broke down each one of the strategies and each one of the subjects was amazing to
me, really eye-opening to me, and it all just made sense.
Ali’s style is amazing and incredible and I found myself excited once we finished the session to
go and try the things that I had just learnt.
Ali has a very calming and encouraging nature.

Andrea Alvarez


Andrea Alvarez improved 15 points in 3 weeks

I started working with Ali in May of 2020 and I had a very long and complicated history with the
We were worked back and forth the last three weeks before my exam, and honestly, it really
boosted my confidence and I felt like I was finally understanding what I hadn’t understood for
I understood what I did wrong, but he was also very encouraging, always saying that I was doing
a great job. His is teaching method is excellent for me because he is very, very gentle and he’s
very encouraging and supportive, especially whenever I have been having test anxiety.
I even troll them that I used to cry on Logic Games and now he’s actually making me enjoy
them, which I never thought was possible, so I really appreciate all his support there. My logical
reasoning speed and accuracy have improved dramatically.

Giselle Alejo


Giselle Alejo improved 13 points in 3 weeks

I had been studying on and off for about a year before Ali’s course, and I had tried different
books and different courses, but I just wasn’t seeing my score increase anymore.

I really think that Ali’s approaches are different and new from what is technically out there. Ali
taught me something that I had not seen before in other resources that I was using.
When I first started before Ali, I was missing about half of the questions in Logical Reasoning.
Then, with his skill and his unique approaches, I came to a point when I was missing just one or
two from the Logical Reasoning section.
With the Reading Comprehension section, I really didn’t want to touch that one because
passages started to build anxiety in me. Ali really helped lessen the anxiety that reading
comprehension gave to me, and he helped me break apart the passage into sections that would
help me answer the answer choices.

Brad Weinsber


Brad Weinsber
Ali is incredibly professional. He knows the test very well. I know there are people out there who know the test very well too, but in addition to knowing it well, he is very good at teaching it and answering questions in a way that helps me understand.

I’ve interacted with people before who knew how to do it but they weren’t particularly good at explaining it to me and that was not my experience with Ali. He is very good, diligent, very reliable. Again, like sometimes you encounter people that are so smart but then they are not able to pass on that information or knowledge or to teach well to others who may not be on the same level, that’s not at all with Ali. He is very patient, understanding, he’s made it a really positive experience for me.
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Ari White

I have definitely seen a huge difference, and I am really happy about that.

He is very understanding and works by simplifying things and explaining. That’s another thing really by his concepts and I think with the LSAT they love using these big terminologies and kind of huge concepts, which are great for in terms like universality, but it’s not that great when you are trying to understand the basics and kind of understand the little parts that make up this huge concept, and it’s really good that he kind of simplifies and puts it into little bite-sized pieces that you can figure out and get the whole concept, so I really enjoyed that.

The hardest section for me was LR, and he’s really helped with that in understanding the different types of questions and how you should tackle each of them.

Ryan Rodriquez


Ryan Rodriquez
I can say that my accuracy in logical reasoning has almost tripled.I am coming from the perspective of someone who has bought all these different books, taken all these online courses, and what Ali does is he really simplifies them.

The biggest issue I had in other courses is that they filled in all these details so that you kind of missed the big ideas, but in Ali’s courses he really focuses on these ideas, he simplifies them, and it’s something that’s easy to understand.He wanted to make sure that you understood. I think doing all the homework is really all the tools you will need to be successful in this class and you will see the improvements that you are looking for.
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Niloufer Khan improved from 157 to 169 in 3 weeks

I started off with a 157 before the course, and after I worked on the majority of the homework, I
was able to increase further to 169, it happened is just because of the way the course is designed.
I did the course over like a month ago and he still checks up with me and asks how studying is
going, so he is super approachable, and I think that’s awesome because I am not even his student
anymore and he is still very active and responsive quite quickly and I really just suggest the
course to anyone that likes the structure

You really need to put in time and get that homework done, and also if you want to be taught by
somebody who has experience and has really good skills and advice in this area.

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Mehta Krishna

I think Ali’ course helped me gain the confidence due to which I am currently seeing some improvements in my scores. The very first thing is his simplified strategies for everything. He has some of the strategies that none of the other tutors have.

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Traeona Brinson 30 points in 3 weeks

I must say that I have improved tremendously, and it’s been just a great pleasure to work with an
LSAT tutor that explains things in a concise manner and is also motivated to see you do well and
I scored increased 30 points, so I was really glad to be able to apply a lot of the plans and
strategies that he taught us in his class.

One thing I would say about Ali as an individual is that no matter what background you come
from or what type of experience you have with the LSAT, he makes you so easy to understand
and he really goes out of his way to make sure that you get it.
I would highly recommend and advise people that are seeking LSAT assistance to use it. He is so
awesome and I think, above all else, I wouldn’t have the confidence that I have today to tackle
the LSAT if it were not for Ali.

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Cauloyn Baptiste improved from 138 to 169

I was not getting anywhere. I didn’t have a structure or anything and I was getting frustrated because I was making no progress.

Every time I don’t understand a question, I could send the question to him and he would explain why the right answer is right and why the wrong answer is wrong, and if I don’t understand, he doesn’t mind explaining it over and over and over again. He’s very patient and very knowledgeable, and every question that I ask him he knows, especially for logical reasoning and logic games, which are the areas I was struggling with the most. He taught me how to make different different diagrams so that you can better answer the questions, so definitely since I have been working with Ali, my score has increased tremendously and I would definitely recommend Ali to anyone studying for the LSAT. He is the best LSAT tutor I had.

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Eric Ahern improved from 165 to 174 in 2 weeks

I instantly appreciated the style, the clarity of Ali’s instructions, and basically how straight-forward and professional he overall is, and that’s not only in his videos. He is always clear, straight-forward, and very professional in his communication too.

We worked on different kinds of logical reasoning questions in the four lessons I had with Ali.

When I first started working with Ali, I’d say I was averaging on my practice test scores around 165 and now I am scoring in the low 170’s, which is great. I have rose about 7 to 8 points under the advice and teaching of Ali.

I highly recommend Ali as a tutor. He’s efficient, straight-forward and he’s very good at targeting your specific needs, which I felt was very good for me.

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