Do you wish to be a part of the highest-ranked law schools in the US? Discover all you need to know about Ivy League Law Schools and what it takes to earn your spot there!

Ivy League Law Schools – Roots of the Elite Legal Education in the US


Think about all our time’s influential lawyers, judges, and legal scholars; we’re sure you can’t stop wondering how they all got their start. The answer lies in Ivy League Law Schools, the Prestigious Law School, high-ranked law schools that deserve all the credit! Yep, the name Ivy League may be debatable, but one thing’s certain – these institutes have produced some of the brightest legal minds in history.

That said, if you’re dreaming of setting out on your legal journey, then you might want to consider aiming for the most prestigious law schools in America – the Ivy League law schools! Each one of them is highly sought-after and for good reasons. Not just that, all of these schools always rank in the T14 list for their academics, tough admission criteria, and of course, unique histories!

If that doesn’t make you want to delve deeper into the Inside the Prestigious Law School backgrounds, we don’t know what does! But if you’d like to join the community of successful future lawyers, this guide walks you through each school on your bucket list. So let’s begin already!

Ivy League Law Schools

1. Yale Law School


None of us can deny the excellence Yale Law School has built over the years, making all aspiring lawyers want to be a part of it. In fact, if we were to call it the legal institution that rules the legal world, we won’t be wrong. What really makes it popular is the university’s constitutional law, which ranks number one, and commercial and international law, which ranks the Prestigious Law School.


Located in New Haven, Connecticut, Yale Law School enjoys the third spot on the Ivy League rankings in 2023. And the fact that it was founded back in 1824 alone says a lot about how the university has kept up with its legacy over the centuries. On top of that,  the Prestigious Law School offers over 20 legal centers, specializing in unique areas such as animal cruelty, Islamic law, women’s rights, and Chinese law policy reform to help you enjoy well-rounded expertise in the legal field.


And if you thought Yale couldn’t get any cooler, get ready for a treat! Here’s what will blow your minds – two of the most powerful figures in modern American politics, Hillary and Bill Clinton, are Yale alums. Yep, you read that right! Both of them graduated from Yale in 1973 from The Prestigious Law School ,US.

But hey, it gets even better. Their iconic love story actually began in the Yale library itself, where the two first crossed paths as JD students. The Prestigious Law School this means that Yale really has a history of producing some of the most successful graduates in the history of the US. Plus, the notorious Skull and Bones society at Yale has also produced some of the most powerful individuals in American history. Yep, this means that many of America’s top lawmakers and legal influencers were members of Skull and Bones during their undergraduate years at Yale, including Presidents William Howard Taft, George H. W. Bush, and George Bush.


As an Ivy school, it’s no surprise why getting into The Prestigious Law School is no walk in the park. According to the 2022 statistics, only 5.72% of applicants land a spot here, with a median GPA of 3.94 and a median LSAT score of 175. But wait – all of the good things here come with a whopping annual cost of $69,100!

2. Columbia University

Ranking as the 4th top law school in the US, Columbia University is yet another Ivy League law school that has more in store for future lawyers than you think! Once here, you’re in for countless opportunities for personal, professional, and intellectual growth. Opened in 1858, you can obviously tell why Columbia’s law college also boasts a strong yet long-standing history.

When you’re ready to take your legal career to the next level, you shouldn’t look elsewhere than Columbia law school – that has it all! Here, you don’t just get the university’s support you need to propel you to heights but also the unmatched support and guidance from experts in the field and top employers from all around the world the Prestigious Law School.

And if that’s not impressive enough, they have a curriculum that’s always a step ahead of the game, given that the legal world is constantly evolving. From traditional legal areas to emerging ones, their courses are designed to give you the knowledge and skills it takes to let you lead the legal world!

In addition, here’s what you’ve probably been wanting to hear – many notable figures have attended this law school, the Prestigious Law School the most important of which is the current Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

But it doesn’t end here – did you know that Columbia is the ONLY law school in the US to have produced three Chief Justices of the Supreme Court? The Prestigious Law School Yep, that’s right. Charles Evans Hughes, Harlan Fiske Stone, and John Jay all got their legal education at Columbia before they went on to get more success. That’s what makes many of the law aspirants want to leave no stone unturned in trying to get their admission here.

The acceptance rate here is 11.93%, which makes it extremely competitive to get in. And the median GPA requirement of 3.87 and LSAT score of 173 further add to the challenges of getting here. But if you’re ready to follow the footsteps of the legal legends of today, then you can gear up for good times already!

3. Harvard University

Harvard Law School – synonyms with excellence, is more like a powerhouse that blows away minds with its excellence and, of course, exceptional academics! As the oldest of the Ivy League law schools, Harvard Law has been shaping the legal profession ever since it was founded in 1817. And with alumni as great as former President Barack Obama and other Supreme Court Justices, it’s no surprise that Harvard Law produces nothing but the best of the best. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the law school really knows what it takes to turn heads. Harvard Law thrives by giving you real-world experience in the legal field and by ensuring that you’re all geared up to hit the ground running as soon as you graduate. With in-house clinics, externship clinics, and independent clinics that students create on their own, you’ll have more clinical practices here than anywhere in the world. Sounds fantastic, eh? But the best part is, the perks of being a Harvard student don’t just end here! The university has over 500 legal courses for you to choose from, top-notch faculty, and a plethora of practical experiences that you wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. However, don’t you forget – gaining admission to this highly coveted the Prestigious Law School is no easy feat. To begin with, you need to aim for a 174 on the LSAT and maintain a 3.92 GPA, and even then, only about 10.06% (according to the 2022 statistics) of all applicants are able to make the cut. But for those who are able to pull it off, the rewards are truly matchless! And here’s a fun fact about Harvard: it’s home to the biggest academic law library in the world! This means that while other law schools do all they can to secure the top spot, they can’t beat Harvard Law School for its noteworthy features! We’re pretty sure you can tell why it’s ranked fourth in the nation.The Ivy League Law Schools

4. University of Pennsylvania


Committed to creating the best lawyers of tomorrow, there’s a reason why the University of Pennsylvania has its fair share in the Prestigious Law School. It’s ranked as the sixth top law school by the US News & World Reports, and we can easily tell why. More widely known as Penn Law, the institute was founded back in 1850. And ever since then, it has continued to win the hearts of legal aspirants across the nation.

Frankly, at Pennsylvania law school, the future is now. They believe that to survive today’s cutthroat competition, lawyers need skills that go beyond just studying law. The Prestigious Law School So, they take pride in offering a cross-disciplinary curriculum that covers everything from the business world to the world of technology and even education! As a lawyer, the last thing you’d want is to not know how to argue in court – so don’t fret; they’ll take care of that!

That being said, no matter if it’s health law or international studies, UPenn’s program ensures that you have a diverse skill set that’ll make you a strategic problem solver and a champion that your clients can count on.

Not just that, you might as well opt for graduate-level courses at Pennsylvania’s sister schools or even get a joint degree. That doesn’t just enrich you academically but helps you incredibly when it’s finally time to do the real job – practice law!

The cherry on top, UPenn is not just about learning in the classroom – it’s about putting theory into practice. And that, too, through their nine legal clinics! Their clinics were made to offer hands-on experience in countless areas of law so that you can apply your learning to real-life cases the Prestigious Law School.

But that’s not all – their legal clinics also give their students the opportunity to give back to underserved communities. So, if you’re hoping to attend UPenn, make sure you have a GPA of 3.9 and a minimum LSAT score of 171. The gains here are unimaginable!

5. Cornell University

Prestigious Law School

Last but definitely not least, we have Cornell University on the list, which is ranked 12th in the nation. Imagine attending a the Prestigious Law School with a history that stretches back over 130 years! That’s exactly what Cornell Law School in Ithaca, New York is – a place that has been providing world-class legal education ever since 1887. And today, they’re still doing the best they can – with a spot in the Ivy League.

If you really dream of becoming a skilled lawyer, you wouldn’t want to ignore Cornell university as one of your top choices. It’s a place where you get to engage with the oldest yet most unique programs in International and Comparative legal education.

And the best part is, it’s not just about their programs – Cornell the Prestigious Law School boasts an outstanding faculty that will challenge and inspire you. And with a diverse curriculum, you’ll have the chance to explore a wide range of legal topics and finally find what truly ignites the spark in you.

Also, let’s not forget about the endless opportunities to get hands-on experience. At Cornell, you’ll have the chance to contribute to a leading law journal and gain real-world legal experience through their clinics. Whether you’re interested in environmental law or the Prestigious Law School criminal defense, there’s always a clinic for you to practice your heart!

With a median GPA of 3.86 and a median LSAT score of 171, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t want to give this law school a shot. So if you’re ready to become a well-rounded lawyer who can take on the world, Cornell Law School awaits you!


While getting accepted into an Ivy League law school may be quite a struggle, it’s all worth it in the end. By attending one of these top-notch law schools, you’re setting yourself up to join the best network of successful and accomplished alumni. Sounds like a great deal? We bet! So, if you think you’re ready to level up your legal education, it’s time to challenge yourself academically and put yourself up for success in your legal career. Trust us, an Ivy League Law Schools might be just what you’re missing out on!


Attending an Ivy League law school can open doors to a world of opportunities, including access to top legal employers, a network of successful alumni, and top-class internships. Ivy League law schools also offer a rigorous curriculum, distinguished faculty, and a wealth of resources and support services for you.

Admission to Ivy League law schools is extremely competitive, with acceptance rates ranging from around 7% to 22%. Make sure you have exceptional academic credentials, impressive extracurricular activities, and strong letters of recommendation to be considered for admission.

Yes, there are many notable alumni from Ivy League law schools, including former US Presidents, Supreme Court Justices, prominent lawyers, judges, legal scholars, and leaders in various industries and fields.

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