How to hire the best admissions consultants to finally enter your dream law school? This blog post covers each piece of the puzzle to let you decide on the best!

Hiring Law School Admissions Consultant: The Complete Guide


Who doesn’t aspire to enroll in the law school they have forever dreamed of? But when it’s finally time you give it a shot, that’s when you realize doing so isn’t half as easy as you thought! Of course, it’s only natura; to feel overburdened with the looming mountains of applications, essays, interviews, and endless deadlines. If it feels like the challenges of applying to law schools know no bounds, we feel you!

And there’s one thing that worsens your situation, that’s the insanely low acceptance rate of top-ranked law schools. After putting a lot of thought into it, we’ve come up with a solution worth sharing: hiring a law school admissions consultant who knows it all! The first thing that pops up in your mind here is – they’re far from cheap and whether their support is worth the additional $$$ – after all you really do wanna minimize your costs!

Frankly, countless factors come into play when deciding whether or not you need to go for law school admissions consultants. Of course, it’s not something you can decide overnight, right?

Well, if you feel like dodging your way out is the best idea – listen up. We’ve rounded up everything you need to know about hiring the best law school consultants, who are nothing like the average pre-law advisors in your college.

Yep, we do know what it takes to fast-track your admission into your dream law school. It’s just going to take a little bit of ahead-of-the-curve planning on your part! So, let’s get started to whack-a-mole those fears away!

Top 4 Reasons Why Hiring a Law School Admissions Consultant is the best Idea

You might be skeptical of the idea of hiring a law school admissions consultant for good reasons. That’s totally understandable, given the hefty sum you’ll need to seek professional help and then land in law school. It’s hard to come to a conclusion.

So, before all else, let’s break down all the factors that make the seeking consultants a promising idea:

To Breeze Through the Application Process

Let’s admit – if there’s one thing that has the power to steer you away from your goal, it’s the bugging application process that’s no cakewalk to get through. No sane person wants to hover over the application procedure when they have tons of other stuff on their to-do list. In fact, most high school students cringe at the idea of going over every detail of the process. And justifiably so!

If you haven’t been through this, we’re sure you got the hint already – when it comes to submitting your applications, it’s easy to fall behind. Adding fuel to the flames, the school counseling centers are usually too busy to help. But hey, fret not – that’s exactly where the right law school consultants come to your rescue.

Especially if you don’t know anybody who has gone through the process, your anxiety about applications can skyrocket! Yep, it’s crucial to have someone who’s educated about the elements, deadlines, and pitfalls. And honestly, no one knows it better than the law school consultants, who’ve spent years helping out other students like you.

They help you come up with a holistic application approach – which is something you truly deserve to expect from them! With that, they are crystal clear on their strategies and establish a clear timeline from the outset.

Setting aside everything, it’s natural for your mind to feel all over the place, not letting you decide when and where to begin. That’s the biggest relate for all the law students out there. But not many know the easy fix – the consultants. They don’t just answer all the questions that nag you but also get you ready for things you never saw coming.

All in all, these consultants give you a well-thought-out game plan you never knew you needed!

To get tailor-made application essays

Some people might have a grip on the application procedures, but no one knows it all – right? There’s yet another distasteful truth about the admission – yep, we mean a huge majority struggles with the essay part too. It won’t be wrong to say it’s the most pressing issue why most students consider hiring a consultant.

In a world where competition is so fierce, it’s more vital than ever to go that extra mile to make your application essay win over. A wise consultant will help you come up with ideas, select from a list of possible topics, and promote your qualifications in the best way possible. Simply put, they know what it takes to make the most out of your essay.

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Speaking with experience, it’s best to have someone to become a great sounding board for developing your concepts. Yep, the personal personalized nature of law school application essays makes getting in tougher than ever. But take our word for it – a partner with whom you click and who provides honest feedback will get you through it in no time!

To Present Your Story Like No one Else!

Have you ever thought about what it’d be like to have someone beautifully pen down your thoughts when you’re struggling with words? You guessed it right – the right law school consultant is the only one who can help with this. You’ve got a bunch of stuff you need to get done before you’re finally able to submit the application. That makes being stuck with an essay nothing short of a hassle!

The cherry on top, most universities now have gone test-optional. Not to forget, the top schools have made supplement essays absurdly wrong. That combines to make it more important than ever to write a top-notch narrative essay that speaks for itself!

A law school admissions consultant who knows what he’s doing will give voice to your essay that reveals your maturity and growth. For a fact, the success of these essays calls for the student’s story to crystallize naturally over time. And, of course, speak openly about both the fun and the serious topics. Also, they need to showcase that where there’s a success, there are a hundred setbacks too.

With a law consultant, you can freely speak about what has shaped you into what you are today. And the best part? You learn sharp responses to anything that might be thrown at you in the interview.

To Maximize Your Chances of Achieving Scholarships

Let’s be honest; a well-written application and your chances of landing into the top law schools go hand-in-hand. But here’s something most applicants out there don’t know – a self-aware application doubles your chances of getting scholarships too!

Not just your GPA or LSAT score, but your likelihood of enjoying financial aid also comes down to the excellence of the written materials. As you would’ve guessed already, it’s hard to do it alone and tell what to focus on. Again, the key is to hire an admissions consultant who knows all it takes to win you first admission and then incredible scholarships.

When seeking assistance with applications, here’s a pro tip: speak to as many consultants as possible. This will ensure you’re reaching out to the one who’s the best fit for you.

In all honesty, the effective relationship between you and your consultant will work the best for you in the long run!

Which Factors Help You Land the Law School of Your Dreams?

Goes without saying your future depends on the standard of the law school you attend. Or, to put it another way, the higher your law school is ranked, the better your lifestyle after the degree.

That’s because the elite companies out there are super picky about the selection of candidates. And being brutally honest, they consider applicants who’ve attended schools on the top of the list. While your law school consultants will find a way to breeze you through the application process, some things remain beyond their horizons.

The best favor you can do for yourself is to get into the best law school possible!

To do that, don’t forget to jot down and work on the factors that are critical in landing you where you’ve always wanted to be. You can’t entirely depend on professional help for it; the effort on your part is equally important.

Let’s walk you through the primary factors you need to keep in mind moving ahead: 

LSAT Score

If you’re here, chances are that you already know the dominance of your LSAT score in deciding which law school you attend. In fact, it’s the most important metric the law schools consider when evaluating applications. But here’s a fact we often ignore – LSAT isn’t an exam where last-minute studying would pay off!


That being said, cramming won’t help either with the exam. So, if you’ve decided to apply to the top law schools in town, look up their average LSAT score over the past several years. As for your preparation, start working on it six months before the test.


It’s better to wait for another year than to apply with a below-par LSAT score – yep, it’s that important!


The second factor, GPA, is yet another metric to gauge an applicant’s academic standings. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the top-ranked universities have the highest GPA requirements.

After receiving your transcripts, the Law School Admissions Council will determine your undergraduate GPA by adding up all of the college grades you received before finally getting your first undergraduate degree.

Here’s a master tip for those planning to pursue a successful career in law: focus on your grades from day 1!

Quality of Applications

What gets to be your LSAT score or GPA when applying to law schools – that’s on you to decide. For the quality of your applications, fortunately, a great law school consultant is the answer!


Your law school admissions consultant can offer priceless and important guidance regarding everything needed to get your application through. The rest, we’ve seen earlier in the blog. Remember – your application must stand out in a way that your LSAT score and GPA can’t.

What Qualities Should a Great Law School Admissions Consultant Have?

Given the fierce competition that worsens every year, there’s no denying that a skilled law school consultant might be the only way out. But hold on – did you think it’s super likely to go wrong with your selection of consultants? What if the one you go for turns out to be far from the right fit? Yep, that’s some serious food for thought!


There’s no one-size-fits-all approach here. But let us tell you a quick hack – know what you need help with and, on top of that, what qualities you expect your consultant to possess. Once you know what makes a “good” consultant, choosing one shall be a walk in the park!


Still confused? Fret not; here are the qualities your law school admissions consultant should have:

Is Organized & Timely

We all know someone who just can’t seem to manage time and is always late. Don’t we? And let’s be honest, that’s the last thing you’d want in your law school admissions consultant. Needless to say, stay away from someone with these traits who claims to be an advisor. The straight-up answer is – he’s never the right fit!


Your consultant must be on time for the appointments. And goes without saying they should respond to your texts and emails promptly too. It takes a punctual professional to ensure the registration runs smoothly. If your current consultant is disorganized and frequently late, it’s high time you look for a new one.


You don’t want to miss a registration period just because your consultant couldn’t get back to your email on time, right?

Doesn’t Pretend to Know it All

Let’s get this straight – there’s a fine line between actually knowing the answers and pretending to know them. With the education world being as fast-paced as it is today, it’s easy to tell that there’s absolutely no one out there who knows it all. If you expect someone to know every solution or every deadline off the top of their head, you’re doing it wrong!


The right consultant will not toss your head around answers that make no sense. When asked about something they don’t know, they’ll most likely get back to you later.


This way, they’re ensuring you’re never misguided. Also, this fosters trust, which is a vital part of the relationship between students and admissions consultants.

Makes a Suitable Law School List, but doesn’t ENFORCE it

Frankly, students already have the “top-heavy” list of law schools they wish to apply to. But the right consultant will make sure you have the right selection to choose from. While we’re at it, let’s not forget that this is their job’s hardest part. As a result of their already-made lists, students wish to go to highly competitive law schools, not caring about whether or not they’d be a right fit.

The right consultant will spend hours trying to get the students and their families to understand it isn’t the right approach. But after all, not everyone is ready to understand. Besides that, he’ll support you even if your choices seem unrealistic.

Yep, he’ll make a list for you on his part, know where you best fit, and suggest potential options. But the best part is, he’ll know that in the end – the choice is yours.

Is Positive & Encouraging

Not many tell you this, but a positive attitude goes a long way. It’s the positive mindset that has taken people to places. Likewise, the law school consultant you’re hiring should be positive, friendly, and eager to help you. Even on days when you feel like giving up.

If you think your law school admissions consultant is consistently negative, has no interest in your backstory, and doesn’t wish to guide you – get a new one right away! In the crucial admission times, we’re sure the last thing you want is to be brought down by someone who doesn’t care about your legal career and is pessimistic. 

Here’s a little piece of advice – never take the chance of being in a situation where it gets hard for you to fulfill your dreams on time.

Concerned With Your Future, Not in Making Easy Money

There’s nothing more stressful than competing to study law in the top-ranked schools in town. Anyone who has been through it would agree. In those hard times, it’s always a treat to hear uplifting remarks. And sometimes, those words are the only good things in life. But what if your consultant just wants easy money out of you and has nothing to do with your success? That’s the worst that could happen!

Sincere consultants who really wish to see you on top will do all it takes – get to know you, motivate you, ask questions, and more. They’ll want you to succeed both inside and outside the classroom.

A hard pill to swallow, but if your current one isn’t inspiring you enough or asking questions, he’s looking for money. It’s about time you seek a new one!

Pro Tips to Select the Best Law School Admissions Consultant

Let’s be real; the consultancy sector is expanding insanely. So much, you’ll find dozens of them in your area. No wonder countless families use independent consultants to take over the application process and to boost the chances of acceptance into the top law schools.

In the end, all agree that it’s a hard nut to crack. Which consultant has it all? Who will be the best mentor in the long run? And a hundred more questions!

While no one can say for sure, here are some master tips that’ll save you from choosing the wrong academic advisors 90% of the time. Let’s get into it already:

● Check out their Results Beforehand

So, to check out their results, you need answers to a few questions. Over the course of years, which law schools have they gotten students into? Have they had success at the top-ranked law schools? How do their admittance rates compare to the total admit rate at highly selective schools? Remember – the landscape changes constantly, so make sure they know what it takes to succeed every time.

And on top of that, do your homework. By that, we mean to investigate the firm, its track record of consultancy, and its results. If it’s a reputable firm, it’ll be upfront about its expertise, vision, and mission. Not to forget, make sure the one you’re willing to consider has a track record that goes well with your objectives!

Finally, look at what their reviewers have to say and their ratings on different platforms. Find out whether the former customers are satisfied. Yep, the law school admission process is quite a journey, so make sure you’ll be heard at every step!

● Examine their Biographies (as deeply as you can)

Above all else, delve into your consultant’s biographies as deeply as you can. The questions you’ll need to answer here are – is it a full-time job for them? How successfully are they doing it? And, will they be up for offering you all-time support? Together with finding out these answers, don’t forget to find out whether they’ll assist you with the entire process of applying for your law schools.

Truly, advice doesn’t always work; sometimes – you’ll need practical help too. Can you expect it from them? Have they been doing it for students before you?

Well, you need to look for a great background in admissions consulting, so be sure to enquire about their relevant experience. That said, confirm beforehand if your consultant is able to guide you through the whole process.

Here are some qualities you’ll need to look for in examining their biographies:

  • Experience coaching students
  • A solid academic foundation
  • The capacity to communicate effectively and carefully with each student
  • Clear strategic Goals

Well, the best part is yet to come. Besides knowing what it takes to get accepted, consultants with degrees from top-class universities also help you understand how to prepare effectively and what life’s like in your dream law school.

All in all, Law School Admissions consultants with a strong background will help you beyond your horizons. They’ll improve your chances of admission, create a different strategy, develop a leadership profile, and more. In other news, they’ll determine which law school fits you the best and go above and beyond to craft your personal statements too!

● Before you begin, get to know them

Here’s a straight-up fact – a successful admissions process goes hand-in-hand with a successful relationship between you and your consultant. That’s exactly why most of the consulting services out there offer a free trial. However, the best way to know them is to meet them in person, making the decision two-fold easier. 

At the end of the day, you want to work with someone with years of experience who can support you emotionally while it’s happening. If he’s the right one for you, he’ll know exactly when to push you and when to shower emotional support.

Ultimately, you want a connection, not a deal, right? So, try to rest your hands on someone who’s all up for genuine support. As you’ll find out later, working with someone you feel comfortable around is the key!

Just like we mentioned earlier, watch if they’re prompt at replying to your texts and emails. This will show if they really care about your success. Further, they won’t just point out your weaknesses but will suggest ways to strengthen them too. 

● Ensure they’re Offering thorough & Personalized Services

You’ve heard of personalized services, right? But you won’t fully realize their significance until it’s time to go through your law school admissions process. Well, all the top admissions consultants out there get to know you so they can pull out the maximum they can. Then, they use it to develop and promote your individual story. Yep, they don’t judge or suggest schools based exclusively on your academic performance.

When looking for one, ask beforehand if they give each candidate comprehensive, individualized support. Most importantly, be sure to ask if they’ll support you with everything or send you elsewhere for different stuff.

Avoid being duped by a company that hires specialized editors with little know-how of what admissions committees need in your application essays. Note that your top applications have a clear-cut, cohesive strategy.

If there’s one person who knows how to strengthen your profile to make you attractive to law schools, it’s the law consultant who knows you well!

Pro tip: Talk to them as much as you can before hiring. It will help you grasp how prompt he is at getting to know you!

● Find Out How they Work

Perhaps the most crucial step is the last one: understanding how they work. You can’t get along with someone if you’re unaware of their strategies. That’s when you run into issues!

So, ask them as many questions as you can, and you’ll reap its bona fide rewards in no time. A great law school consultant will make it more exciting and not tiring.

A law school consultant worth their salt will be pretty transparent about some questions. These include – how are you going to know what to do when? Can the consultant meet your specific needs? Will they be prompt in addressing your queries? And finally, whether they’re up-to-date in the world of admissions? Once you know the answers, you can tell you’re in good hands!

A Quick Look at What to Pay Attention At when Finding Your Consultant

How do you know which law school consultant is the best one? Well, to be honest, that’s no easy feat. So, to ease it for you, we’ve rounded up a few specifics you need to look at:

  • Their Connections with the Past Students
  • Credentials and Qualifications
  • Years of Experience
  • Results they’ve gotten over time
  • Their Reviews

If you’re looking for a law school consultant, we’d recommend going for the “About Us” page on their official site. That’s the best way to learn all about them, together with how you can work with them effectively.

Are Law School Admission Consultants Really Worth it?

You don’t know trouble until you’ve had to select the law schools you want to pursue your degree. And especially when it’s time to choose a degree that aligns with your interests and skill set, that’s when you begin to question your abilities to rise to challenges.

Well, the grim truth is that students and their families don’t have easy access to much information. Much worse is the fact that they don’t know where to begin their research. That’s what makes hiring a consultant a fantastic idea! They cover the information gap between students and law schools. To make it simpler, they help streamline your career paths, personal statement writing, and indecision.

Let’s not get this twisted – law school admissions consultants are really worth those extra bucks you spend. Every year, things get more competitive, and the law schools higher on the list have an acceptance rate of less than 10%.

So yes, the smartest move in this situation is to seek a consultant who gives you a competitive edge. But in the end – it’s all on you. Your consultant is to guide you through the procedure. Not do it for you!

Another major reason why they’re worth it is that they remember the key dates, instructions, and typical errors to avoid. This saves you the hassle of doing it all yourself. When it’s time for admission, there’s already a lot on your plate. So, this will help more than you think!

Best Law School Admissions Consulting

If you’ve read the blog through, it’s okay to feel overwhelmed with all that you need to look for when hiring your law school consultant. Millions of applications are trying to fill a few hundred seats. That may sound like a lot, and is a lot too, until you find out about the best law school admissions consulting; that’s just a click away. No need to feel like you’re lost in a maze anymore; there’s a way to erase all your problems in a flash – Access Prep’s law school admissions consulting. With a team with over 250 years of combined law school admissions experience under its belt, it’s safe to say Access Prep deserves the top spot in consulting companies for law school admissions. We don’t just say it; we have strong evidence to support our claim. In the first place, their primary goal is nothing but your dream – to get you into the top law school out there. As a premier law school admissions consulting, their vision is to breeze you through each step of the admissions process. Above everything, their unlimited admissions consulting has a lot in store for you. Yep – it includes everything from choosing the best law schools to crafting top-notch essays to preparing for the interviews. Not just that, Access Prep gives you excellent strategic advice to make the best out of your case! Still in two minds? Hold up – here’s a little break-down of their unlimited admissions consulting package:
  • Mind-mapping the theme of your application
  • Improving the standards of every piece of your application
  • Asking for letters of recommendations
  • Helping with curating the best possible resume
  • Preparing for video and live interviews
  • Assisting you to stand out of the crowd of applicants
  • Helping you achieve scholarships & financial aid
In case you’re curious, the consultants are former admissions officers from top-ranked law schools, including Yale, Harvard, Stanford, University of Michigan, University of Texas, Cornell University, Duke, Northwestern, UCLA, and more. Let’s go over some of the Access Prep guarantees:
  1. Jotting down application components that show a comprehensive view of your career and academic history. To go way beyond the generic.
  2. A thorough, step-by-step examination of your admission application’s content, structure, grammar, and presentation.
  3. A complete review of your application, with suggestions where need be.
  4. Comprehensive support – that goes beyond just submitting your application.
To put it all together – Access Prep was founded to help you with the ultimate help you need with admissions. We’d recommend not thinking twice before signing up for this one-stop Law School Admissions consulting!

How Our Students Have Gotten In Top Law Schools?

If you’re still skeptical – we don’t blame you for it. It’s about your dream, so being all out of whack is totally justified. We think it’s about time you hear success stories from people who’re now living their dreams. Here’s what they have to say about Consultancy services at Access Prep:

Jason P - Harvard University

With access to everything from top consultants to customized support, it’s hard to find a reason not to like Access Prep. I approached the service when I was stuck in the middle of nowhere with my application process. Little did I know I’d be done with it in no time. Really felt like they gave me the strategy I needed.

Before I found Access Prep, I didn’t know where to start. Then, a friend recommended this to me, and I’m more than thankful for having stumbled across their services. I can’t believe I’m finally living my dream at Harvard University!

Alex Yandle - Stanford University

I had previously used other sites to seek consultancy for admission into my favorite law school. But, nothing seemed to work out for me until I came across Access Prep. I was pretty on the fence about using it, too, given my poor experiences before. Now, I hold my head up to recommend that it’s well worth a shot if you have the means.

My consultant was fantastic to work with and enjoyed every bit of my application process. What appeared to be the most taxing task turned into a fun activity. He calmed my nerves, and I owe my admission into Stanford to my consultant.

Elizabeth Doston - Yale University

It was a desperate time when I reached out to Access Prep to seek their consultancy services. I was the first in my family to apply to law school and had no idea how anything worked. I was sure that seeking consultancy would help, but wow! It turned out to be the best decision of my life. What I know for sure is that without my consultant’s genuine mentoring, I would never have completed the application process (while working full-time!).

The way he broke down all the process components made me wow. That’s when it all started to make sense to me. But the best part about him was honestly his optimism and encouraging nature. A true blessing in disguise!

Jessica White - University of Michigan

I’ve worked with many law school consultants before but always ended up being put off by their self-boasting. But with Access Prep, my experience was nothing like the old times. I started working with my consultant here back in 2020. My consultant and I worked back and forth on my application, essay, and interview.


It wasn’t just me; my counselor had always prioritized getting me accepted into the University of Michigan. After a frustrating start, things continued to get smooth till I finally stepped into my dream university.


The hardest part was the essay for me, but it all got done in a glance!

The Bottom Line

When hiring a law school consultant, know that they’ll either make or break it for you. Some will brag about their expertise, but turn out to know nothing about getting you in. But if you get lucky with your consultant, it gets easier than ever to land into your dream law school, and pursue your dream degree.

We’ve got to admit, it’s a complicated process. But with a consultant who knows it all, you can achieve what you’ve always wanted. By now, we’re sure you know why you should hire a consultant, how to hire them, and whether they’re worth your money.

If you wish to work with a dedicated consultant who’s ready to do all it takes to guide your way into your favorite law school, get in touch with Access Prep. We’re more than excited to help you, swap stories with you, and breathe life into your dreams!

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