Looking for the ins and outs of pursuing a law degree in Maryland? Here’s your guide to the best law schools in the state – their rankings, fee, deadlines, and more!

Best Law Schools in Maryland – A Comprehensive Guide

No matter what area of law you wish to build a career out of, picking out the right law school is nothing short of an uphill battle. Of course, with nearly 200 ABA-accredited law schools scattered across the US, figuring out which one aligns perfectly with your goals is no walk in the park.

But hey, if you’re a fan of American baseball, their delectable feasts, or have a passion for American history, then choosing Maryland to pursue your legal degree might turn out to be one of your best life decisions. Yep, Maryland really houses some of the most prestigious law schools in the US, offering top-notch legal education to students, depending on their interests.

Being home to the Chesapeake Bay, blue crabs, and the bustling city of Baltimore, it’s really a place for those full of pep. So just when you think about pursuing your legal career from here, don’t forget you’re in for the delights that come along. But guess what tops it all? The rigorous legal training that helps you ace the battleground of law!

In this article, you’re about to discover the top law schools in Maryland and why they’re just what you need to kick-start your legal journey. So, let’s get going already!

1. University of Maryland (Carey)

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April 1, 2023
When looking for a top-tier law school with plenty of hands-on learning experiences, you can’t possibly go wrong with the University of Maryland Carey School of Law. It looks like this institution knows what it takes to help you do wonders both outside and inside the classroom. But if you’re wondering what really gives it an edge, then it’s doubtlessly the university’s gainful location. Located in Baltimore, a city that boasts rich legal history, it gets way more accessible for you to become a part of the thriving legal economy. And if that’s not enough, this unlocks new avenues for internships, externships, and other practical learning opportunities. On top of that, it’s a gateway for you to interact with practicing lawyers and judges, giving you all the real-world outlook you need to meet new peaks. According to the US News & World Report rankings, the University of Maryland is ranked #6 in the country for its part-time law program. This means that it’s now easy for you to pursue a legal education while still balancing other obligations, whether it be work or family. No more juggling your law studies with other commitments! But if you think that’s all, hang on – the University of Maryland also boasts a top-ranked healthcare law program, coming in at #6 in the nation. This means once here, you’re in for specialized training in the complex and ever-evolving field of healthcare law to tackle the unique challenges of the industry. And if you wish to gain practical legal experience, here’s the good news – the University of Maryland’s clinical training program is ranked #8 in the US. Not only does Carey offer specialized programs, but it also partners with the prestigious Johns Hopkins University to offer you countless joint-degree programs. From Business to Bioethics to Public Health, the institute has all in store for you! And guess what? These interdisciplinary experiences will give you a well-rounded legal education, combining the best of both worlds. Well, all this still doesn’t show you the complete picture. Let’s not forget Carey’s top-tier clinics and experiential programs like Access to Justice, Small Business and Community Equity Development, and Immigration Clinics. They’re mainly why this law school tops the list of most legal aspirants – they have it all here. And just when you’re looking for hands-on experience, Carey has got you covered with its Trial and Moot Court programs. Yep, through these Externship placements, it becomes easier than ever to find your dream employment in no time! At Carey, it’s all about pushing your limits to be the best version of yourself. While the acceptance rate of 29.49% keeps giving us mixed feelings about landing here, just the right strategy can help you get around to it! So, if you’re ready to up your game and join a community of high-achieving lawyers, 1st April is your time to shoot your shot at the Carey Best Law Schools in Maryland !


And oh, before you decide to exert yourself to the fullest extent to land a spot at Maryland Carey Law School, don’t forget to dig into what it has to offer you. To save you the effort, here’s a list of the law programs they’re offering:

JD Program

The University of Maryland offers both a full-time day program and a part-time evening program for JD law. If you choose to enroll in the day program, you can complete your degree in six semesters or in three years. On the flip side, you’ll need to stay with the university for four years if you wish to enroll in the evening program, which lets you live your legal dream while you’re busy with other obligations during the day.

Starting from Fall 2016, all students entering Maryland Carey Law are required to complete at least one or more experiential course(s) totaling at least six credit hours. And for the qualifying courses, make sure you’re earning at least 65 credits in courses other than Externships, Practicums, student publications, elective Moot Court, Trial Team, Alternative Dispute Resolution Team, and graduate-level non-law courses.

LLM Program


If you wish to take your legal expertise to a whole new level, it’s time to enroll in a Master of Laws (LLM) degree at the University of Maryland. But hey, the LLM program is for US lawyers who already hold a JD Degree from an ABA-accredited law school, so make sure you fulfill the criterion before you proceed. And even if you’re a foreign-trained lawyer who wants to polish his legal skills by learning US law, you’re welcome here!

This year-long, flexible program lets you customize your learning to match your professional goals. All you have to do is choose from their extensive catalog of classes to align your knowledge to the best possible area of law. 

Also, to satisfy your curiosity, the program specialties include Business Law, Health Law, Cybersecurity & Crisis Management, Intellectual Property Law, Environmental Law, and International & Comparative Law.

MS in Law Program


Next up, their online Master of Science (MS) in Law program is specially designed for working professionals who wish to gain a competitive edge in the legal field. Over the course of two years, you’ll gain a deep understanding of the law within your chosen specialty area, all while using your legal analysis skills to enhance your existing professional knowledge and experience.

With three exciting areas of specialty to choose from – Health Care Law, Cybersecurity Law, and Homeland Security and Crisis Management Law – you’ll have the opportunity to learn from the best practitioners out there. Best of all, their MS in Law program is offered exclusively online, which means flexible learning that suits your busy schedule, no matter where you are in the world.

Dual-degree Programs


There’s no denying that with other areas operating at the intersection of law and other disciplines – such as health care, domestic matters, business, and the environment – it’s more important than ever for lawyers to gear up for different challenges.

Hence, they offer dual-degree programs, offering you an excellent opportunity to deepen your horizons and earn both a law degree and a degree in another discipline. On top of that, you’re in for a dual-degree program in almost all the fields you can think of – Criminal Justice, Liberal Arts, Bioethics, Business Administration; you name it!

2. University of Baltimore

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April 1, 2023

Next up, the University of Baltimore is another hidden gem of Maryland that you can’t ignore. While it’s further down the list of rankings, don’t let the numbers fool you – this law school has been shocking the world for decades now. Founded back in 1925, it’s safe to say that UB is the true powerhouse in the world of lawyers and is one of the four colleges that make up the University of Baltimore.

Just like Carey School of Law, it’s ranked #8 in Clinical Training, which means that once you land here, make sure you gear up for plenty of practical learning experiences. And in case you don’t already know, the school is best known for its liberal approach to education. That said, its main focus is diversity, diligent legal writing training, and clinical experiences that prepare you for the real world of law.

Plus, the modern programs like the Veterans Advocacy Clinic and Legal Professional Development Institute, the University of Baltimore is really on its way to leading the law. Whether you’re looking for a full-time JD or a specialized LLM in tax and US Law, you’ll find all you need to take your legal career to another level here. Also, you can even get a certificate of professionalism here, and you’d already know how that’s the key to kick-starting your career in the competitive job market!

Coming to the part that helps you get in, UB is perhaps the only institution that truly cares about your potential, not just your grades. Yep, taking a non-traditional approach to admissions, the University of Baltimore gauges your potential by looking far beyond your LSAT scores. So even if your LSAT didn’t go as planned, don’t lose hope just yet! By that, we mean just start working on making your application stand out, and your spot is reserved at the top-tier law school already.

And the best part is UB has less competition for entry than other schools, so there’s a high possibility this could be your chance to unlock your legal dreams. Even if you have your eyes set on another law school, considering this as your safety school won’t harm! And if you’d want to know more, the students here claim the professors are highly-proficient and workloads super manageable.

With an application deadline of April 1, now could be your time to secure your spot here. Since the acceptance rate is 56.56%, the stress of getting in won’t take over your life either. And with tuition roughly comparable to Maryland Carey School of law, you’re setting yourself up for a great legal future here. No way you’d want to miss out on one of the most affordable law schools in Maryland!


When it comes to Law degree programs, the University of Baltimore is no less. Here’s a sneak-peak into what they’re offering:

JD Program

In the JD program at the University of Baltimore, the core and required courses provide all the knowledge that lawyers must possess. To foster your language skills – a lawyer’s primary tool, you’ll have to undertake a comprehensive writing program beginning from the first year here.

To make you a well-rounded lawyer, you’ll need to opt for some foundational courses in your first year. And as soon as you’re in the second year, you can pick from a pool of electives, depending on what you like.

LLM in Taxation

To earn an LLM in Taxation, you’ll need to complete a total of 30 credits. If you’ve already taken qualifying tax courses while enrolled in a JD program at an ABA-approved law school, you may be eligible to receive up to 15 advanced credits toward your LLM degree.

Also, their comprehensive curriculum covers a range of topics, including fundamental income taxation, partnership taxation, corporate taxation, tax policy, tax procedure, and tax research.

Certificate in Estate Planning

Finally, the UB School of Law offers a post-JD Certificate in Estate Planning. This 12-credit program includes required courses on estate and Gift Taxation, Estate Planning, and Income Taxation of estates and trusts. You may attend classes online, in person, or even watch the recordings. Plus, the program can be completed as a stand-alone or in conjunction with the LLM in Taxation program.


Summing it up, let us ask you a question – would you rather thrive in a lively environment with countless opportunities or in a more quiet setting that fosters close-knit relationships? Well, the choice is yours. But no matter which one you go for, Law Schools in Maryland won’t disappoint! So either way, you’re sure to enjoy an excellent quality of education that satisfies the inner lawyer in you! Best Law Schools in Maryland

Law Schools in Maryland FAQs:

To apply to Maryland Law Schools, you typically need to submit an online application, transcripts, LSAT scores, personal statement, letters of recommendation, and an application fee.

Yes, both Maryland Law Colleges – the University of Maryland Carey School of Law and the University of Baltimore School of Law offer part-time and evening law programs to accommodate students with work or other commitments.

Yes, both the University of Maryland Carey School of Law and the University of Baltimore School of Law offer part-time and evening law programs to give students flexibility with their work or other commitments.

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